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Full enclosed fiber laser marking machine, the product structure consists of lifting motorized Z-axis, lifting column, hanging screen display, galvanometer, field lens, control panel, workbench, keyboard grid, fiber laser source, main control board, power supply, complete machine cabinet, removable cabinet door, heat dissipation hole, machine universal wheels, etc.

The full enclosed fiber laser marking machine is an efficient, environmental friendly and healthy marking equipment. Its unique design and advanced technology bring many advantages to users.

The closed optical path design ensures the stable operation of the equipment.

The fully sealed optical path structure effectively prevents external dust and foreign matter from affecting the equipment, ensuring stable operation of the equipment in various harsh environments. At the same time, the fiber laser source has an electro-optical conversion efficiency of up to 30%, and the entire machine consumes only 500W of electricity per hour, making it energy-saving and efficient.

The full enclosed fiber laser marking machine has high-speed marking capabilities.

The laser pulse frequency is high and the marking speed is fast. It can mark a large number of products in a short time and improve production efficiency.

Maintenance-free and requires no additional consumables

It greatly reducing the operating costs of the equipment. The marking software can be matched with multi-language interfaces, the operation is simple and intuitive, the marking content is flexible and changeable, and the lines are exquisite, meeting the needs of different users.

The operating space is dust-free, which is beneficial to machine maintenance and the environment in the processing room

The equipment is equipped with a protective cover, which is easy to operate, supports automatic adjustment of the lens focus, and also contains protective glass to ensure the safety of the operator. During work, the fully enclosed fiber laser marking machine blocks the smoke and dust generated by processing in the box, which will not cause pollution to the processing environment. It is a green, environmental friendly and healthy marking equipment, especially suitable for the customers with high demands.

High electro-optical conversion efficiency

This equipment uses a fiber laser source to output lasers, and then realizes the marking function through an ultra-high-speed scanning galvanometer system. It has high electro-optical conversion efficiency and is cooled by air cooling. The whole machine is stable and safe, has good output beam quality, high reliability and long operating life. Extra long and energy efficient. At the same time, it can engrave metal materials and some non-metallic materials, and is mainly used in fields with high requirements for depth, smoothness, and fineness, such as stainless steel trim for mobile phones, watches, molds, IC, mobile phone buttons and other industries.

To sum up, the full  enclosed fiber laser marking machine has many advantages such as high safety, strong environmental adaptability, high stability, simple operation, convenient maintenance, environmental protection, energy saving, and wide applicability. It is a high-end machine that you can trust. It is a good performance marking equipment meets the processing quality and environmental requirements of various industries.