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Category: Fiber Mopa laser marking machine

Currently, the types of pulsed fiber lasers used in laser marking on the market mainly include Q-switched technology and MOPA technology. Q-switched technology, a pulsed fiber laser technology whose output pulse width is generally fixed and cannot be independently adjusted. MOPA technology, another pulse fiber laser technology, consisting of a cascade of laser oscillators and amplifiers, with more intelligent features.

MOPA laser source is composed of an electrical pulse-driven semiconductor laser seed source and a fiber amplifier. Its intelligence is mainly reflected in the independently adjustable output pulse width, usually ranging from 2 nanoseconds to 500 nanoseconds, and the repetition rate can be as high as MHz. The independent adjustment of the pulse width and repetition frequency of the MOPA laser source gives it greater flexibility and applicability in the processing process, and can meet the needs of different materials and application scenarios.

Therefore, the mopa fiber laser marking machine produced based on mopa laser source combines advanced technology and intelligent design. It has many outstanding features and a wide range of application scenarios, providing customers with efficient and accurate laser marking solutions.

The design is very user-friendly

The structural design of the whole machine has been simplified, and the optical system adopts a fully sealed structure, which makes the appearance more beautiful and easier to operate. It adopts air cooling method and has low energy consumption, which not only saves energy resources but also reduces operating costs.

High photoelectric conversion efficiency

At the same time, the photoelectric conversion efficiency is high, the laser beam quality is high, the lines are fine, and the light spot is small, ensuring the clear and precise marking effect. The machine is also equipped with a red light preview function, allowing users to accurately preview the pattern before marking to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the marking effect.

Adjustable pulse width, wide frequency range

Compared with traditional laser marking machines, it has a wider range of applications and more flexible marking capabilities. By adjusting the pulse width and frequency, efficient marking of different materials can be achieved to meet the different needs of customers. Whether it is fine lines or complex patterns, the MOPA fiber laser marking machine can easily handle it, with fast marking speed and clear results.

Environmentally friendly and energy-saving

No chemical coloring, non-contact processing, no consumables, and not easy to wipe, avoids the generation of toxic and harmful substances, and reduces environmental pollution and safety risks. Moreover, it has low cost of use, is maintenance-free for 100,000 hours, and has stable and reliable long-term operation, saving customers maintenance costs and time costs.

MOPA fiber laser marking machine has a wide range of application scenarios, covering multiple industries and fields, providing customers with efficient and accurate laser processing solutions.

Surface stripping of oxide aluminum sheets

With the trend of electronic products becoming lighter and thinner, many mobile phones, tablets, computers and other products use thin and light aluminum oxide as the shell material. During the manufacturing process of these products, it is often necessary to strip the surface of the aluminum oxide sheet to mark conductive potential or other markings. Traditional Q-switched lasers can easily cause material deformation and affect the aesthetic appearance, while MOPA lasers use smaller pulse width parameters to make the material less likely to deform and make the shading more delicate and whiter, providing a better choice for processing alumina sheets.

Anodized alumina blackening application

On the casing of electronic products, black trademarks, models, text, etc,  need to be marked. Because the MOPA laser marking machine has a wide pulse width and pulse frequency adjustment range, it can use narrow pulse width and high frequency parameters to mark the black effect on the surface of anodized aluminum materials, and different grayscale effects can be marked through different parameter combinations to meet the personalized needs of customers.

Color mark on stainless steel materials

By adjusting the laser beam, the color change of the surface layer of the material can be changed to obtain decorative effects with different colors. This kind of color marking can not only add color and personalized patterns to products, but also enhance the added value and market competitiveness of stainless steel products.

Electronics, semiconductor, ITO precision processing applications

In precision processing fields such as electronics, semiconductors and ITO, fine scribing applications are often required. Traditional Q-switched lasers are difficult to achieve fine scribing due to the inability to adjust the pulse width parameters, while the MOPA laser marking machine can flexibly adjust the pulse width and frequency parameters to achieve fine scribing, and the edges are smooth without roughness, ensuring processing’s quality and efficiency.